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Pioneers in Technology

Innovation and the development of new technologies that enhance the lives of our customers has been the driving force behind our company since its inception.

We pride ourselves on our reputation as industry leading innovators in the world of LCD display. This has been built on our relentless commitment and the dedication of our time, expertise and resources to the development of new technology.

Despite the acclaim for our ASV (Advanced Super View) technology and the new standards in high resolution imagery it set, we continued to push the boundaries and explore the next level.

We were the first to successfully harness the properties of Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide for commercial application in our IGZO flat panel displays.

Capable of delivering ultra high definition and brightness with unprecedented  energy efficiency, whilst setting new standards in sensitivity for touch screen applications, our IGZO technology has revolutionised the industry and continues to enable designers to make their imagination a reality.

The latest world first from Sharp is the introduction of UV2A technology. Our innovative combination of proprietary materials developed by us allows ultra high contrast with the most efficient use of back lighting ever to deliver ground breaking energy efficiency whilst displaying ultra bright vivid colours and image resolution.

This technology creates a new type of LCD panel which signals the evolution of the next generation of LCD displays.

Our technical excellence and determination to maintain our own technological momentum will continue to drive us to develop new technologies and bring the future closer.